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Balustrade Terminology

4" Sphere Rule
The 4" Sphere Rule gives the maximum center-to-center distance between balusters and still does not allow a 4" sphere to pass through at any point beteen the balusters.

Ball Top
Spherical decorative cap for use witha newel post.

A spindle or post supporting a stair handrail or forming part of a balustrade.

A spindle or post supporting a stair handrail or forming part of a balustrade. The entire railing system, with a row of balusters topped by a rail.

Bondo is a two-part epoxy that when mixed turns into a putty which then sets of rock-hard.

Bottom Rail
Horizontal railing at the bottom of a balustrade system that supports the balusters.

A small, curved or angular support attached to a wall or the top of a post to carry a projecting weight.

Cast Stone
A highly refined architectural pre-cast concrete building stone manufactured from a mixture of portland cement, coarse aggregates and fine aggregates to simulate natural cut stone.

Cellular PVC
A composite of materials featuring polyvinyl chloride materials. It can be nailed, sawed, and fabricated like wood.

Crush Block
see rail support block

Curved Railing
Railing on a balustrade system that round and curves as opposed to the typical straight railing of a balustrade.

Deck Railing
Railing system that usually has the bottom portion of the balusters supported by the side of the deck in place of using a bottom rail.

Fastening Kit
Set of parts used to keep the balustrade system held together

A polymer reinforced fiberglass material. Similar to corian countertops.

Newel Post
A large vertical column or post to which the handrail is attached. Newels provide structural support for the balustrade.

Newel Post Cap
Decorative top used for newel posts.

Porch Post
Post that connects to balustrade and railing systems and spans from the floor to the roof.

Porch Railing
Railing system that uses the traditional bottom rail to support the balusters.

Post Sleeve
For use as a cover over an structural support

Post Wrap
Pieces snap together to surround an existing structural support

Rail Support Block
Used to provided weight support under bottom rail of a balustrade system.

Horizontal bars of a balustrade and railing system. Top rail is used as a hand rail and bottom rail supports the balusters.

A thin, often tapered piece of material, such as wood, stone, or metal, used to fill gaps, make something level, or adjust something to fit properly.

see baluster

Top Rail
The hand rail used in a balustrade system; provides a gripping surface for added support.

Trim Collar
Wrap around bottom of newel post for decorative purposes.

Tough, flexible, shiny plastic material used on a wide variety of products including railing systems.



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