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Pacific Columns balustrade and railing systems create beautifully detailed exteriors for both stately homes and commercial buildings. The beauty and grandeur of our classically designed balusters and spindles, in combination with our columns and capitals will enhance the beauty of any building exterior.

Balustrade is one of the only architectural detail products that once installed, instantly increases the value of your property many times the cost of the product its self. With such a wide array baluster choices, each one having a personality of its own, you are sure to find the one that fits your project.


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Endura Stone - Poly/Marble Composite
Our unique patent-pending composite replicates the smooth consistency of natural cultured marble while offering a virtually maintenance-free product. This innovative material, a combination of crushed marble and fiberglass-reinforced resins, has the structural strength of traditional stone balustrades without the added weight and installation difficulties.


Endura Classic - High Density Polyurethane
This design accent is excellent for defining living space, indoors and out. With the Endura Classic Urethane Balustrade System, you can transform an ordinary porch into an impressive statment of design and sophistication. You can make patios, balconies and stairways more inviting with the distinctive styles and sizes available.


Endura Craft - Expanded Cellular PVC
Formed from a collaboration with builders and architects to develop the most versitile railing system, Endura Craft has become the most natural looking synthetic railing system on the market. Often mistaken for wood, our low maintenance synthetic rail is made from cellular PVC and is available with either wood or alumnium cores.


Endura Rail - Tri Layered Vinyl
The unique combination of materials and system design makes this deck and porch railing system one of the most technologically advanced rail systems on the market. Endura Rail utilizes a unique, patent-pending manufacturing process that provides greater strength than standard PVC railing systems - yet is lighter in weight.


A Brief History of Balustrade
Balustrade was first discovered on bas-reliefs representing the Assyrian palaces. Appearing to have Ionic capitals on top of each baluster, or spindle, the Assyrians utilized them as window balustrade. During the Italian Renaissance, balustrade was largely employed for many applications, commonly being seen on great palaces in Venice and Verona. The Italian revivalists, being used to accent patios, balconies, windows, and roof parapets, applied balustrade with great importance.

This style of architecture was revered by the great architects of the Italian Renaissance, yet was misused and the definition corrupted by the English. Based on the idea of balustrade, the English designed indoor stair railing and adopted the term, banister, attempting to retain the elegance of the original word. Even though there is a similarity between the words, there is a significant architectural difference, and a banister could never replace a balustrade system.

Since the birth of balustrade, it has been assembled out of several different materials including, wood, stone, and even molded metal. Departing more and more from these inferior materials, balusters are now constructed from a wide array of substances. Ranging from one extreme such as concrete, to the other end of the spectrum with vinyl, there is a material and style that will work for you.

As technology advances, different composite materials are being applied to architectural detail work. For the production of our balustrade and columns, we have employed the use of some of the most technologically advanced architectural building materials available. Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) is a patent-pending composite that replicates the smooth texture of cultured marble while providing the strength and endurance of simple concrete. Being a maintenance-free product, this innovative material is a combination of crushed marble, resins, and fiberglass, offering us the load bearing capacity of traditional stone balustrade, without the obvious weight and difficulty of installation. Being the same materials that our government is utilizing in construction today, FRP far exceeds all BOCA requirements and is impact, weather, heat, and insect resistant.

The design of balustrade is actually broken up into three basic sections, a top rail, a bottom rail, and the balusters. Each baluster reflects a turned post or has even been described as a miniature column. The first thing that you must consider when fitting a system to your project is the size of the top rail. If you are looking for a smaller, more slender look, a five or six in diameter for the top and bottom rail is suggested. Desiring to go with a larger, more substantial look? Then a seven or even a twelve-inch balustrade system would probably work best.

Once you choose what size of a top and bottom rail would work best in your situation, the next step is choosing your spindle, or baluster. Providing you with a wide array of styles and sizes, you can match the different choices that we have, and what will fit best with your project. Each spindle has its own heritage, its own personality. With each baluster having unique styles and sizes, our goal its to make sure you receive the look that you desire for your project at the lowest possible price.



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